Fall 2020, Midterm-1

After much deliberation, and considering many of our students are in distant time zones, I’ve decided for the midterm, you will have a take-home exam.

See the section on policies for what is not allowed!

When and for how long?

You may not ask for extension under any circumstances; the idea is that, during these 36 hours, you will be able to put about 70 minutes of work into completing the exam.

You may not use a late-day towards a take-home exam.

We will not have a lecture on Friday, Oct 09, so you can put the lecture time towards working on the midterm exam.

Grading and feedback

We will grade your submission similar to homework (a mix of automated and manual grading through a well-defined rubric) and release the grade/feedback once we are done grading all submissions.

We may run some automated tests on your submission, behind the scene, but you will not receive a feedback from CodeGrade upon submission.


We expect you to abide by our Academic Integrity Policies (as highlighted in the Course Syllabus), in particular:


The midterm-1 covers the topic from lecture-1 (Course overview & Java Review) up to and including lecture-13 (Queue).

Since this is the first time we are holding a midterm as a take home exam, there are no sample questions from previous terms to offer to you as additional practice. Sorry for the inconvinience!

However, as noted earlier, the format and style will be similar to the homeword and to our class activities, which generally involves:

Every effort will be made to ensure a “prepared student” will finish the exam well within the allocated time.