Lecture 30

Graph Basics

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lecture, you’ll be able to:

Lecture Plan

In this lecture, we'll cover the following lessons:

  1. Graph: An abstraction for problem solving
  2. Graph: From definition to abstraction
  3. More Abstractions: Vertex and Edge
  4. Graph Interface: Insert Vertices
  5. Graph: Directed vs Undirected
  6. Graph Interface: Directed Graph
  7. Graph Interface: Insert Edges
  8. Graph: Kinds of Edge
  9. Graph Interface: Insertion Exception
  10. Graph Interface: Getting the endpoints
  11. Graph: Adjacent Vertices
  12. Graph Interface: Incident edges
  13. Graph Interface: Removals
  14. Graph: Labeling
  15. Graph Interface: Labeling
  16. Graph: Preliminaries for Analysis
  17. Graph Representation: Adjacency Matrix
  18. Graph Representation: Adjacency List
  19. Graph: Sparse vs Dense
  20. Graph ADT: Efficiency of Operations
  21. Graph: Leonhard Euler

Lessons marked with ⚡ contain exercise/activity.