Linked List Operation


Suppose we have a linked list with $n$ elements (nodes) and we want to get the data stored in the $k^{th}$ element (at index $k-1$).

Exercise Complete the implementation of the get method which returns data stored at a given index.

public T get(int index) {
  return null; // TODO Implement me!

Hint: you cannot directly jump to $K^{th}$ node. You need to start at the head and follow the next references to get there!

public T get(int index) {
  return find(index).data;

// PRE: 0 <= index < numElements 
private Node<T> find(int index) {
  Node<T> target = head;
  for(int counter = 0; counter < index; ounter++) {
    target =;
  return target;

Caution: the implementation above fails to account for an edge case!