Lecture 1

Course Overview & Java Review!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

Lecture Plan

In this lecture, we'll cover the following lessons:

  1. The Student class: Parts of the Java Class
  2. The Student class: Object-Oriented Terminology
  3. The Roster class: Composite Data Types
  4. The find method: Linear Search
  5. Linear Search: The Algorithm!
  6. Binary Search: A more efficient strategy!
  7. Binary Search: Implementation
  8. Binary Search: Runtime
  9. Binary Search: Exercise
  10. The Roster class: How to organize data?
  11. The Roster class: Roster is a data structure!
  12. Data Structures: What we will learn in this course!

Lessons marked with ⚡ contain exercise/activity.